Punto architectes

Working since 2004 as a registered professional, Paolo Carrozzino, d.p.l.g. architect, founded Punto architectes practice in 2008.

After a long time collaboration with Atelier d’Architecture Chaix Morel et associés, Paolo Carrozzino also acquired a robust experience as a project manager for Fnac and Christian Dior Couture.

French, English, Italian and Spanish speaking, he worked as well in France and internationally.

The practice has an international reputation for professionalism.We are receptive to our Clients' views, knowledge and needs, and respond in a structured way with creativity and depth of thought.

Working internationally we bring best practice in design, organization and construction to our Clients' projects, providing a consistent quality of design and realization in different regulatory and cultural environments.

Client's projects are handled by a dedicated project architect and regularly pass through internal reviews. Lines of communication in our open office space are simple and effective

The work of the practice ranges from luxury boutiques, private housing to public facilities, work places, scenography and art installations.

Team :

  • Paolo Carrozino, DPLG Architect
  • Laurie Aligon, DE Architect
  • Monia Ounis, ENAU Architect, Light Designer

Former staff :

  • Cyril Le Chevallier, DPLG Architect
  • Anaïs Picard, Interior Architect - Designer
  • Saad Bensalah, DPLG Architect
  • Barbara Bontemps, administrative assistant
  • Wiem Mami, ENAU Architect
  • Vanessa Seban, architect assistant
  • Hugo Danneels, freelance
  • Aurore Ythier, freelance
  • Pauline Girardot, intern
  • Delphine Bourgouin, DE architect
  • Aline Laporterie, intern
  • Morgane Amiel, administrative assistant
  • Richard Wyart, intern
  • Marine Belluet, intern
  • Laura Jaffredo, intern
  • Oscar de Vianna Vaz, intern
  • Hadrian Morell y Alcover, intern
  • Nadège Moioli, DEHMONP architect
  • Magot Laporte, DEHMONP architect
  • Marie Soriano, DEHMONP architect
  • Patrick Jorby, intern
  • Marie Hemerick, intern

Major clients

• Ville de Paris
• Museum of Fine Arts Houston
• Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort

• Chanel
• Christian Dior Couture
• Chloé
• Helmut Lang / Fast Retailing
• Yves Rocher
• Marionnaud
• Virgin stores
• Eurodif
• Promod
• Fnac
• Mandorla Palace
• Ace Addicted

Private / individuals:
• For this category, Punto architectes respects client's privacy.